Notice: The Mt. Auburn Community Development Corporation will be hosting a public meeting on September 29th at 7:00pm in the Taft Elementary School Cafeteria to discuss the findings and next steps for the Auburn Avenue Corridor Study.


The Mt. Auburn Community Development Corporation (MACDC) was founded in June of 2015. By working with the business leadership and residents of Mt. Auburn, the CDC hopes to strengthen and coordinate business and housing development occurring in Mt. Auburn.


Mission Statement:  “The purpose of the MACDC includes, but is not limited to, advancing, encouraging and facilitating the economical, commercial and social development in Mt Auburn and to further engage in housing, economic and development activities.


Board Members:

Carol Gibbs, President / CEO

Rod Browne, Board Chair

Ken Farmer, Board Secretary

Jimmy Wilson

Steve Gibbs

Deborah Hayes

Steve MacConnell

Tom Rotte

Daniel Traicoff

Stanley Broadnax


The final verion of the Auburn Avenue Corridor Study is available here: Auburn Ave Corridor Study FNL