Elections for board trustees will occur Monday, October 21.


To become a candidate for position of trustee, an “Intent to Runt” form must be submitted to the election chair Annula Linders (lindera@ucmail.uc.edu) no later than Monday, September 16 at the Community Council meeting.  (form can be downloaded below; paper forms will be available at the meeting Monday). All candidate will be asked to introduce themselves during this meeting.


• Persons running for Trustee must be a Resident Members or Business Members (including property owners) of Mt. Auburn Community Council

• All candidates must be members in good standing with the MACC and have attended at least four meetings during the past 12 months, or one half of the meetings officially held, whichever is less.

Paper form will also be available at the meeting on Monday, Sept 16th

Question, please contact MACC at mtauburncincinnati@gmail.com